Oharibako's Workshop
for Creating Tsumami Zaiku Kanzashi
(traditional hair ornaments)

Pass through the garden, with its seasonal variety,
to enter a traditional Kyoto Machiya.
Step away to a tranquil space where you can engage in the techniques of true craftsmen.
We take great pride in our workshops and all are sure to enjoy.


Our Tsumami Zaiku (pinching craft)workshops have been
held continuously for the past ten years and
attended by more than 10,000 guests.
Participants will have access to the
same Habutae silk found in the pinching
craft ornaments worn by real Maiko.
You will also learn distinct Kyoto hand-dying techniques
that produce beautiful color patterns.

While the idea of making pinching craft ornaments
may sound difficult at first,
we are happy to note that among the more than 10,000 guests
who have tried it so far,
not a single person has failed to produce their own piece!
We welcome those who are not traditionally good with their hands♪
so don't hesitate to come by and give it a try.


Choose your own patterns and
make your own one-of-a-kind pinching craft ornament

Choose your favorite designs from among the four categories of flower, body, color,
and streamers; then, arrange them freely to create your own original hair ornament

  • Floral patterns Flowers or Blossoms
  • Body shapes Clip or Kanzashi hairpin
  • Flower colors Silk Habutae 8colors
  • Streamer colors 7colors

With that, your very own pinching craft ornament will be complete

*Shapes and colors will be chosen on the day of the workshop,
after seeing the actual items. Changes or additions may be made without warning to the lineup of colors.

Photos from past workshops

  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image

Procedure From Application Date to the Date of Workshop

  • Step.1 Application

    Applications can be made
    during normal store hours,
    up to one business day in advance
    of your desired date

  • Step.2 Reply from Oharibako

    We will contact you to
    confirm all details,
    including the date
    of the workshop

  • Step.3 Confirmation of reservation

    If there are no problems,
    you will receive a reply
    from us confirming completion
    of your reservation.

  • Step.4 Date of the Workshop

    Come empty handed and feeling
    comfortable to enjoy
    your workshop!

Points of caution during application

・Workshops are only possible on normal store business days. (The store is closed on Wednesdays, as well as during the New year's holiday period) Please confirm before applying.
*There may also be days that are unavailable due to special events or circumstances of the staff

・Please apply during normal business hours (store closes at 5 PM), at least one business day in advance of your desired date.
*It may be safer to apply by phone in the event that time is running out before your desired date

・Workshops generally consist of two to ten people. If your party is 11 people or more, please consult with us as far in advance as possible.
・Due to staff circumstances, only one workshop is possible per day.
・We ask that children under 12 years of age please refrain from participation.
・In some cases, you may not be the only party participating in the workshop. As such, please take care not to arrive late.
・Workshop duration is approximately one and a half hours, including receipt of your created item.
・Payment for your workshop will be made to store staff on the day of the workshop (credit card payment is possible).
・Your workshop may be cancelled if you are over 15 minutes late. Thank you for your understanding.
・Please make sure the phone number you provide is one where you can be reached on the day of the workshop.
If you use reading glasses, please make sure to bring them to your workshop.


Please stop by whenever you are in Kyoto. We await your visit.

Oharibako's Workshop
for creating Tsumami Zaiku Kanzashi

Price per person (tax included)3,300yen
Click here to apply
Application form

Applications can be submitted by phone or email
Click on the contact button below
or call by telephone.


25 Murasakino Shimomonzencho
Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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Telephone number:075-495-0119
Store hours:10 am - 5 pm
(closed on Wednesdays)

Three parking spots are available
on the store's north side